Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Upgrade information

Upgrading from one version of UPlan 2.6 to a newer version

  • Copy the new mxd into the same folder with the old one
  • Open both mxds
  • Copy the UPlan Runs that you wish to have available in the new version from the old one to the new one
  • Right click on the Run name and choose "copy" from the menu
  • In the new mxd, left click on the "Edit" menu at the top and select "Paste"

When extracting the new UPlan version from the ZIP file. Make sure that you do not overwrite your old initialization.mdb. If you do, you will loose all of your configuration data entered through the Data Loader.

Upgrading from a previous version of UPlan to 2.6

  • All of your grid based data can be reused
  • You will need to reenter the default data into the data loader manually.

Common Sources of Errors

Directory Structure
UPlan is dependant on the directory structure.

The following items must exist within the uplan folder.

  • Uplan.mxd: the mxd that is UPlan

Data: Folder containing subfolders for geographic areas to be modeled.

Geographic folder: this folder contains the GRIDs with starting data for the geographic region. These folder are frequently named with a FIPS code. i.e. Fresno County is 06019

ini: initialization folder. This contains the main initialization and configuration database and the templates documents for reports on the run and on services.

  • initialization.mdb
  • report_template.xls
  • service_template.xls


  • info: A directory that is necessary for the creation of new runs by ArcGIS. if the info directory is missing, Restore it by using ArcCatalog to copy any GRID into the Runs folder. Then you can delete that GRID also using ArcCatalog
  • run folders: These folders will contain the output for all runs. they will be named using the following convention: rYYMMddhhmmss where YY is the year, MM is the month, dd is the day, hh is the hours, mm is the minute, and ss is the second that the setup for the run was started.
  • Completed runs:
  • Finalalloc: the final spatial output
  • ModelRun.txt: a log of the decision tree for that run
  • Uplan.mdb: a database that stores all of the input settings for the run
  • Report.xls: the final reporting for the run which is created after the run is complete by clicking on the "Run Report" button in UPlan.
  • many other GRIDs and files.
  • Incomplete runs:
  • Uplan.mdb: the configuration for the run that failed. Frequently this can be used to identify the problem, or to restart a new run with the same settings for debugging.


  • All input data must be in the same projection
  • If the problem is a new one, check the most recently added layers for projection problems