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System Requirements:

  • ArcGIS 9.3 or 10
  • Spatial Analyst Extension
  • MS Excel (for reports)


Change Log:



  • Collection of several minor bug fixes.
  • Merged code bases for 9.3 and 10


  • Improved the TAZ export function to match input totals better.


  • Improved error checking in the Data Loader
  • GHG module included in codebase
  • Resolved error in vacant inner and outer functions


  • Automatic selection of all buffer classes when adding an Attractor or Discourager
  • Fixed Explicit Employment function in repeated runs using template
  • Enabled Service Costs Modulefor use with variantes
  • Added "Tools" button to the UPlan Menu
  • Tool: Reconstitute Run, Adds a run back into the table of contents
  • Tool: Summary, provide a raster with zones and get feed back on Acres, HH, employees by zone
  • Tool: Added TAZ Exporter to Tools menu


  • Improved Data Loader Error Checking.
  • Fixed sub area percentage bug
  • Fixed "Unable to Initialize Reclassification Table" error caused by a failure to create the reclass table text files. Note, this error can still be cause by datasets with incorrect projections.


  • Improved Data Loader Error Checking.


  • Reduced incidence of an over sensitive validation algorithm in the data loader.


  • Copied Buffer specifications for attractors and discouragers cannot be copied to buffer classes not set to accept the layer as an attractor or discourager.
  • Minor error checking improvements to the Data Loader.


  • Variant Land Uses sort by the allocation priority instead of the order they were created in the data loader and user interface
  • Up to 99 subareas and 99 land uses are now theoretically possible
  • Standardized the percent values in subarea setups so that all make reference to percentages (i.e. 95%) instead proportions (i.e.0.95)


  • Fixed a "Foot" "Meter" conversion factor problem. When a projection using a linear unit of "Foot_US" was used, it was not recognized correctly and defaulted to the conversion used for meters. This resulted in an under estimation of needed land by about a factor of 9 and other inaccuracies in the reporting system.
  • Added the TAZ export function for 2.6 including a custom TAZ export. This allows the user to export UPlan results to a TAZ structure based on custom mapping.
  • Minor Usability improvements