Kevin Ward

Contact Information

One Shields Ave
Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Davis, CA 95616

Position: Analyst
Phone: (530) 752-2378
Office: 2120K Wickson


Associate of Arts, Monterey Peninsula College

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning, UC Davis


Kevin oversees the data entry and quality control of very large and diverse datasets catalogued in the online federal database, ServCat, for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Refuge Inventory and Monitoring Program. The information available in ServCat will be used to develop Natural Resource Management plans (NRMPs) and Inventory and Monitoring Plans (IMPs) for the National Wildlife Refuges in the Pacific Southwest Region. In addition, methods for mining of the legacy data will be developed and tested.

Previously, Kevin managed the Natural Resource Projects Inventory Database, served as a liaison for Information Center for the Environment (ICE) and government agency lead, mid-managers and staff associated with the database, and performed public outreach. She worked on development and tracking of grant proposals, and assisted database programmer analysts with principal investigator and agency client needs assessment. Kevin also serves on the Advisory Board of Directors for the California Watershed Network.

Reports and Studies

Michelle Stevens, Kevin Ward and Dr. Eliska Rejmankova, UC Davis (1998).  Cache Slough/Yolo Basin 1997 Monitoring Report.

Jordana Jusidman, Kevin Ward, Robert Coman, Nathaniel Roth, UC Davis (2005). Celebrating 10 Years of Successful Watershed Conservation & Restoration Efforts in California – The Natural Resource Projects Inventory.

Kevin Ward, Univerity of California, Davis (2007). Mitigation Project Study, California Department of Transportation

Kevin Ward, Mary Madison, Alex Mandel, James F. Quinn, Karen Beardsley, and Gail Lampinen, Information Center for the Environment, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, University of California, Davis (2009). Partnership Portal Concept Paper, California Department of Transportation.

Kevin Ward, Fraser Shilling, Road Ecology Center, University of California, Davis (2016). SR 37 Stewardship Final Report Task 5 Stakeholder Process