John Douglas Hunt

Contact Information

Department of Civil Engineering
258 Engineering F Building
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW

Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1N4

Position: Professor
Phone: (403) 220-8793

Affiliated Organizations

Dr. Hunt's research interests include mathematical modelling of transportation-related aspects of human behavior. Primary areas of focus are: ~ The interaction between transportation and land use ~ Stated response techniques for obtaining data for estimation of model parameters ~ Automobile parking behaviour and parking policy Recent and on-going activities include: ~ Developing a land use and transport model of Edmonton using the MEPLAN framework ~ Participating in a study to compare land use and transport models of Sacramento based on alternative modelling frameworks ~ Advising two British Rail subsidiaries, Union Railways and European Passenger Services, on the forecasting of the demand for international rail services using the Channel Tunnel ~ Conducting a study using stated response techniques to measure and quantify Calgarians' attitudes to elements of urban form, including mobility, density, taxes and the environment ~ Developing a model of mode and parking location choice in Calgary using the EMME/2 framework ~ Investigating methods of representing the joint choice of workplace location, home location and travel mode to work using data collected in Calgary ~ Conducting a study of the factors influencing choice of time of travel for recreational trips using stated preference techniques ~ Analysing the factors influencing the decision to join the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering using stated preference techniques ~ Analysing the factors influencing the selection of a home location using stated preference techniques