General Plan Data & Map Release


The Resources Agency in conjunction with the University of California Davis are proud to announce the release of the first ever seamless General Plan map of California. All county general plans and many city general plans were integrated into one statewide Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset. The data were standardized to thirteen consistent land use classifications for the intent of natural resource and infrastructure planning.

Two GIS datasets have been released and are available for widespread use. The first dataset is the source General Plans, standardized to the 13 classes, as they were delivered from the counties and local entities. The refined dataset is the likely current land use more accurately representing residential growth in areas of low and very low densities. This work took place at the University of California Davis Department of Environmental Science and Policy and the Information Center for the Environment. Peer review took place through communication with selected individual members of the California Planning Roundtable. The data is freely available and distributed through the California Resources Agency.

For additional information Please contact:

  • Data distribution
    Mike Byrne
    California Resources Agency
  • Data content and process
    Bob Johnston
    University of California Davis
    Dept. Environmental Science and Policy
  • Data significance and Peer Review
    Mike McCoy
    University of California Davis
    Information Center for the Environment and California Planning Roundtable, President
  • Data integration and processing
    Shengyi Gao
    University of California Davis
    Dept. Environmental Science and Policy