West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership:
Management and Research

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West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership

On November 20, 1998, state and private landowners officially formed the West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership (WMMWP). The members include the major landowners and land managers of the West Maui Mountains:

Although the members of the partnership have different priorities, mandates, and constituencies, all share a common commitment – the long-term protection of the West Maui Mountains Watershed.

This plan is modeled after the East Maui Watershed Management Plan which provides much of the common structure and purpose of a typical watershed partnership. It stresses the importance of watershed management, and outlines the cost and contents of a comprehensive management plan for the 50,000 acres of forest and watershed vegetation occupying the summit and slopes of the West Maui Mountains on the island of Maui.

The plan presents the consensus interests and goals of the seven members of the WMWP. It describes current watershed management programs and activities occurring in the West Maui Mountains and projects future programs in each of five areas of management priority: 1) Water and watershed resource monitoring, 2) Pest animal control, 3) Weed control, 4) Public education & awareness, and 5) Management infrastructure improvements.

The plan recommends key actions for each program, but does not set priorities among or within the above programs, nor identify specific funding responsibilities or sources among the partners. Priorities differ among the landowners, depending on their current level of watershed management, and regional differences in resources, threats and management needs. Priorities and funding will be ongoing issues for discussion in the partnership. This plan does not attempt to weigh different values of the watershed, which varies depending upon the particular users. It focuses on consensus values of common good to the partners, as committed to jointly by the partnership.

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