Waikamoi Preserve, Island of Maui

The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii

Hawaii's Native Landscape

Waikamoi Preserve on the island of Maui takes its name from a stream that runs through this 5,230 acre protected area. It is a sanctuary for hundreds of native Hawaiian species, many of them endangered or rare. Here in windswept subalpine regions and rainforests of koa and `ohi`a, native plants, birds and insects have woven an ecological fabric like no other on the planet -- one that supports some of the rarest and most beautiful of Earth's creatures: the unique forest birds of Hawai`i.

Here -- and nowhere else on Earth -- you may catch a glimpse of the rare `akohekohe or Maui parrotbill. More frequently, the forests are alive with the colors of the scarlet `i`iwi , the crimson `apapane , the bright green `amakihi , and the yellow-green Maui creeper. The Hawaiian owl, pueo, lives here, as do the Hawaiian goose, nene, and the native dark-rumped petral, `ua`u.

Much of Maui's original forest has been lost or severely damaged What remains is a vital watershed for up-country Maui and a magnificent biological treasure.

Haleakala Ranch Company has owned the lands since 1888. Waikamoi Preserve became a reality in 1983 when the ranch conveyed to the Conservancy the management rights to these lands. The Conservancy and the ranch have worked together as partners to protect some of the best remaining forests on Maui so they might survive to enrich the lives of generations to come.

To Reach the Preserve:

Drive to Haleakala National Park via Highways 377 and 378. No food or gas is available in the park, so come prepared. Access to the Preserve is limited for public safety.

Public hikes usually begin from Hosmer Grove campground just outside the Preserve. Hikes for Conservancy members are scheduled on the second Sunday of each month. Reservations are required in advance, and should be made directly with the Preserve manager by calling (808) 572-7849.

In addition, the National Park Service conducts hikes at Waikamoi Preserve on Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. Contact Haleakala National Park for details and reservations; the telephone number is (808) 572-9306.

Parties wishing to enter the Preserve at other times must contact the Preserve Manager well in advance.

Public Use of Waikamoi Preserve, Maui:

  1. Access to the Waikamoi Preserve is by permit only. The public is encouraged to see the Preserve by joining a guided hike or volunteer project. Permits for all other access must be obtained from the Preserve Manager.
  2. Open fires are absolutely prohibited in the Preserve.
  3. All motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  4. Pets are not allowed. Escaped house cats and dogs are major threats to native birds. If you see a dog or cat, please report it to the Preserve Manager.
  5. Littering is prohibited. Please carry out any litter you see.
  6. It is prohibited to: cut, remove, or damage any plant; collect souvenirs or specimens; disturb Hawaiian archaeological sites; collect, trap, ill, or otherwise molest any animal or bird life on the Preserve except as such activities are related to a scientific, educational, or cultural activity with the prior approval of the Nature Conservancy.
  7. For protection of wildlife or public safety, portions of the Preserve may be closed to the public. Notice of such closing will be posted at Haleakala National Park Headquarters.


Waikamoi Preserve

P.O. Box 1716
Makawao, Maui, Hawaii 96768
(808) 572-7849

The Nature Conservancy of Hawai`i

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Text taken from the Waikamoi Preserve brochure.