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Robyn Myers
Professional Home Page

Ph.D., Ecology, University of California, Davis
Landscape Ecologist, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Affiliate Scientist, NRCS Watershed Science Institute
Collaborator, U.C. Davis Information Center for the Environment

USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service
West Region, California State Office
Watershed Planning Services

430 G Street # 4164
Davis, CA 95616

Telephone: (530) 792-5669 (Leave voicecom messages here also)
FAX (530) 792-5794

email: robyn.myers@ca.usda.gov

Research Interests and Areas of Specialization:

Current research includes landscape, ecosystem and watershed analysis in California, the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii using GIS, aerial photo and remote sensing techniques.

Robyn's Curriculum Vitae and Publications

Current Research and Projects:

Maui Natural Resources Management and Research

California Watershed Projects

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in Natural and Cultural History, GIS and Remote Sensing:

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