cciold.jpg - 10163 BytesCCI's Dawn

On September 8, 1988 we became "Puppy Raisers" for Dawn, the Border Collie. Dawn was identified at birth as a "potential breeder" for CCI, which would mean after turning her in for advanced training, she'd return to us to be a breeder for the program.

But first, she had to grow up, learn basic commands, and be "socialized."

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dawnbaby.jpg - 17051 BytesIt was love at first sight!

Dawn started early playing ballDawn's first day home she fell in love with balls.

Dawn was a CCI puppyDawn was raised as a Canine Companions for Independence puppy

dawncci2.jpg - 46201 BytesDawn loved to wear her cape.

dawnmuwo.jpg - 22291 BytesDawn came to work with me at Muir Woods National Monument.

dawncciprog.jpg - 36771 BytesWe turned her in for Advanced Training in February 1990.

dawnccigrad.jpg - 35970 BytesIt was a proud moment for Dawn.

dawncci3.jpg - 26978 BytesAnd we were very proud of her!

But as many of you know, Border Collies can take up to 3 years to fully mature. Although they are very sweet and smart, Border Collies are rarely used as Service Dogs. Dawn was released from Advanced Training, spayed, and "changed careers" to become our dog. (And lived happily ever after.)

We continued to support CCI through the year, until we adopted Korina in 2001.

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