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Korina Pup pUpDates
on the Dogwood Branch
of the Family Tree

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paw_black.jpg - 1036 Bytes Here is a complete listing of all Korina's Puppies "to date" and the most recent information and photo we have of each of them.

(Last updated 11/22/04 -- Sorry that it is not yet complete -- it is a work in progress...)

bullet "H" Litter Born: January 26, 2003, Sire: Hemet (Yellow Lab)
bullet "M" Litter Born: September 15, 2003, Sire:  Layton (Golden Retriever)
bullet "S" Litter Born: November 17, 2004, Sire:  Baumann (Black Lab)

COC = "Change of Career" from the CCI career path.

Puppy Name
(in birth order)
Color / Gender Photo  Puppy Raisers / Location Career Placement / Location   Miracle Story


 Y / M   Chris Glover,
New York
 COC - with PRs Works with PR at the GYM where she works -- as a motivation personal trainer.  And was raised with a full dog family.


 B / F    Jim ans Susan Alais, Washington State  COC - with PRs  She was released as a puppy for having a defective (from birth) kidney.  She now takes good care of her PRs, having successfully taken care of them after each of their surgeries -- since they did such a good job doing the same for her.


 B / F   Abeliene, Texas  COC - with PRs Released for high energy, which she now uses working with children at her mom's school.


 Y / F Amy and Jim Witherel, Plano Texas  BREEDER DOG

Sacramento, CA

Hilani had her first litter of 14 all black puppies in November 2003.  Just prior to her second breeding she was found to have inoperable cancer, and left us too soon.


 B / M Jim Mohs,
Smyrna, Georgia
SKILLED COMPANION Florida For a young man named Andy with cerebral palsy.  Andy's family says "He is still the same sweet and lovable dog. He has really brought joy to our family and especially Andy. Hoku has to go everywhere with him-whether it is to the kitchen table or the bathroom or to wash up for bed. We are doing well".      


 Y / F    Dave Tirapelle,
Sacramento, California
SERVICE DOG in Northern California  Replacement Service Dog whose story was told in a back issue of the Courier.


 B / F   Yosemite, California COC: with PR Happier and healthier than she ever was in the kennels, where she suffered kennel stress and never seemed to adjust.


 Y / F   Val Valentine,
Carlsbad, California
BREEDER After being raised by the SouthWest Region's Puppy Coordinator, Makia was chosen to be a breeder, and placed with Cath Phillips -- one of the most amazing volunteers for CCI ever!


 Y / F   North Carolina COC: with PR Mara was released for enjoying other dogs too much!  Must be just like her mom.  She is now, happy at home loving and making her people and the dogs in her life happy.


 B / M   Colorado Springs, Colorado SKILLED COMPANION  


 Y / F Satellite Beach, Florida HEARING DOG  


 B / M   New Hampshire Advanced Training NE  


 B / F   Virginia COC: private placement with disabled boy.

Long Island, NY

Mary was not happy in the kennels, and like many dogs in that situation could not perform to her full potential.  Her PR really wanted to find a placement for Mary where she could "help" someone instead of being just a pet, and she sent out the word to everyone she knew to keep our eyes open. Her neighbor, Joanne, in Richmond, VA, mentioned Mary to her mother back home in Long Island, NY. That day, her mom was grocery shopping on Long Island and saw a boy in a wheelchair there with his mother. It took Joanne's mom about an hour to work up the courage to approach them - she kind of stalked them in the grocery store while she worked on her opening line! The boy's mother's reaction was to burst into tears - she said they had just been talking the night before about how much Louis needs a dog and EVEN wondered how they might get a CCI released dog! So Mary is now Louis' faithful friend and his mom said it's really made him come out of his shell.


 Y / M   Susan & Dave Calvano,
Colorado Springs, CO


 B / M   Colorado    


 B/ M   Colorado    


 B / F   Santa Rosa area    


 B / F   Sacramento Area    


 Y / F   Denver, Colorado    

... two more litters to go ...

And don't forget Hilani's 14 "R" Puppies -- Korina's Grand-puppies:

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