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In Memory of CCI's Breeder



January 26, 2002 - March 5, 2004

Her Hawaiian name means: 
"A beloved child held in the arms of heaven."

     Hilani was born January 26, 2002 in American Canyon, CA, to  Korina (Dam) and Hemet (Sire), in the home of Brad and Robyn, Korina's Breeder Caretakers.   She was the 4th puppy (neon green) of six in the "H" litter.


     Hilani's Puppy Raisers were Jay and Amy of Plano, Texas.  She was welcomed with Aloha, and spent a year and a half of her life with them, being loved and trained for whatever her future might be.



After being turned in at the CCI Southwest Regional Center in May 2003, she was selected to be a CCI Breeder.  She went to live with her Breeder Caretaker's Pam and Steve in Carmichael, CA. 

    Pictured here with her momma Korina, and with her sister Hoaka at her Matriculation at CCI NW.

She delivered her first litter of 14 puppies in September 2003. The "Fabulous Fourteen" all-black, all beautiful "R" puppies:


  1. Rubin II

  2. Roney III

  3. Repton

  4. Rison

  5. Ryker II

  6. Rocco II

  7. Reenan

  1. Roeber

  2. Rolie

  3. Ryba

  4. Rossi

  5. Rindy

  6. Raleigh II

  7. Randa II  

Hilani was in the CCI kennels to be bred for her second litter, when a lump was found.  In an unexpected turn, she lost a short battle with cancer and passed peacefully.  

Hilani's sweet, gentle, and tender soul will live on in the memories of those who loved her, and in the lives of her fourteen puppies.

A Memorial Slideshow of Hilani.
(Open in Browser, or Right click to "Save As" and download the Powerpoint file [3 MB].)









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