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Born Friday, January 28, 2005

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Korina's Eight Positively Precious and Precocious Puppies were born Friday, January 28th, 2005.  They turned-in to the NorthWest Puppy Park on the morning of March 21st, 2005, and according to CCI have all been shipped.

Puppy Information:

Birthday: January 28, 2005, in American Canyon (Napa County), California.
Sire: Avi
Dam: Korina
Turn In: Monday, March 21, 2005 -- and have all been shipped to their Puppy Raisers.

  • They were all given "silly" nicknames to match their birth order collar colors (see below) until we received their real names.  They all have heard and will respond to their names (or probably any word that begins with a "P" for that matter!)
  • They respond to their names and a high-pitched "puppy-puppy-puppy" (or a squeaky toy that makes the same sound.)
  • They will come "here" to the squeaky toy (we call it the puppy-remote) if they get in somewhere they shouldn't be (like under our deck).
  • They spent the first 21 days in a plastic wading pool in our "Puppy Room."  They then spent about a week on floor of that room in an Xpen with a crate, toys and litter pan.  At four weeks they were moved to a large double-sized pen in our garage, with a door allowing them access to an outside concrete run. This side run has a gate, that when opened leads them out to a grassy area where we set up an Xpen for them to play in on nice days.  So they've been exposed to a variety of surfaces: cloth, linoleum, concrete, dirt and grass.
  • They are litter-boxed trained (95% reliable with poop, 85% with pee) which means they "know" there is a special place where they are to "go" (We used Purina Second Nature) This should be helpful in teaching them to "hurry."  We told them "Good hurry" each time we found them in the litter box toileting.
  • They eat dry Eukanuba Puppy Kibble -- 1 cup 3 times a day.  And have fresh water always available.  Now that they are sleeping in crates you may want to remove the water 2 hours before bedtime.
  • They sleep in crates with the door open in our puppy pen.  All have received some closed-door crate training, and most don't holler too loud when we close it.
  • They like to chew on Iams Puppy Biscuits and Baby Carrots.
  • Their very favorite toy is an empty water bottle with a close-pin in it to rattle, and favorite place to hide is a "quick tube" from Home Depot.
  • They have had their nails trimmed every 3-4 days since the day they were born.  Most will lay or sit on their backs in your lap and let you do it.
  • There was no dominant puppy in the group -- all the pups took turns while playing being "top dog" or being on their backs and "toppled" by someone else (usually one of their little sisters Pele or Peggy).
  • All have been handled, loved on, and snuggled by dozens of people in our home -- all ages, genders, shapes, sizes and colors.
Momma "Korina" (Dam) Proud Papa "Avi" (Sire)


Birth Order

Birth Order Color


Coat Color


Name Meaning Region





Mousey, Mini Mouse


Hawaiian: fire, volcano, the Goddess of fire and volcano, flame or fire of life, creation






Blue Bird, Lil Boy Blue


Hawaiian: for the name “Potter,” also the awe inspiring beauty or magic of flowers opening






Butterfly, Butterball, Butter Boy


Hawaiian: to open up, rise up, to be quiet and soothing ;Miwok: deer jumping downhill



Neon Green



Gecko, Geico

Pili Hawaiian: to cling, be near or close. Extended nicknames: “Pililani” = close to heaven, “Pilikia” = in trouble NC


Neon Pink



Bunny, Bunny baby

Peggy IV Hawaiian translation of name: “Peki”, meaning to “move along, step by step” SW





Bear, Lil Brown bear

Pukea Common Hawaiian name, meaning a type of sugarcane, sweet. NC


Light Pink




Puna Hawaiian word for “family or relationship.” Extended nickname: “Punahele” = favorite, pet, special one NE





Fishy, Tropical fishy

Pilot IV Hawaiian word “Pai” (pronounced “pie”) means to encourage or praise. Hawaiian translation of name = “Pailaka” NE


* We are starting Pakuna for his Puppy Raiser, Susan Calvano, who has also raised KorinaPups "Mahi" and "Samoa" -- we'll have him for the first eight weeks, and bring him down to her at the SouthWest Training Center May 21st when the "S" pups turn in for Advanced Training.

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The P Puppy Pages

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paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Happy Birthday to the Precious "P" Pups  -- Who Arrived Right on Schedule Fri. Jan. 28, 2005!  (Whelpwise story of the labor and delivery)

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Korina's 4th P Litter PupDates -- Individual Puppy Pages

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Korina's 4th P Litter Weeks 1 and 2  -- Eat, Sleep and Grow!
Week 1: Jan. 28-Feb. 3  Week 2: Feb. 4-10

I've been too busy with work and church to keep up the website this time -- though I've taken dozens of photos!!  I'll keep uploading the cutest and best to the Korina Pups YahooGroups site.

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Korina's 4th P Litter Weeks 3 and 4- Eyes and Ears Open, Hello World!
Week 3: Feb. 11-17, Week 4: Feb. 18-24

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Korina's 4th P Litter Week 5 and Week 6 -- Coming Alive!
Week 5: Feb. 25-Mar. 3, Week 6: Mar. 4-10

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Korina's 4th P Litter Week 7 -- The Playful Puppy Stage!
Week 7: Mar. 11-17

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Korina's 4th P Litter Week 8  -- When Every Puppy Needs a Person!
Week 8: Mar. 18-24

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Korina's 4th P Litter Turn In Day  -- At the CCI Puppy Park
March 21, 2005

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