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Some people wait a lifetime for a miracle
We raise them one (or more) at a time!

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Korina is a breeder for CCI.
This is the story of her first litter of puppies.


All six of the H pups arrived safely to their new homes the week of March 25th, 2002.

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is the father of all six pups!

Keep up with their training and adventures as these puppies become "Assistance Dogs in Training" (ADITs).

To see their latest pictures check out at the Yahoo! Groups KorinaPups. Check out the H Puppy Photo Album.

Or click on their name below to see baby pictures.

bullet.gif - 852 BytesPuppy Raisers!

The "H" Litter Puppies were shipped out to their new homes and loving Puppy Raisers the week of March 25th, and were received into the loving arms of their new families. They are now affiliated with CCI Regional Training Centers all across the country!

Although it sure was quiet after they left, and we do miss their smiling faces -- the puppies were at the age where they each needed the attention of their very own family. The staff in Santa Rosa helped to make this transition fun and exciting for us and the puppies. As they em"bark" on their new lives, we are hoping their new families will keep in touch with us through this site! (See pictures of their "Turn In" at CCI Santa Rosa)

bullet.gif - 852 BytesThe Puppies

We hope to follow each of Korina's H-six-pack through their life with their puppy-raiser, their turn-in, advanced training, and final placement. We will continue the "H Puppies - PUpDates" if you will send us pictures and stories of their lives. We will follow each pup with its own web page! So please keep in touch!

Their Birthday Story

bullet.gif - 852 BytesKorina's first litter of puppies arrived Saturday evening January 26th, 2002, starting at 8:44 p.m. (Except for the last one who arrived at 12:05 Sunday) Momma and babies (as well as parents and grandparents) all did great. The "Welcome Puppies" announced their arrival with 3 black and 3 yellow balloons. Since then, they have all been growing like weeds! Everybody is happy, healthy and adorable!

Back in November Korina was bred at the CCI Vet Clinic to Hemet (a yellow lab), and by artificial insemination to the "famous" Bobby (a black lab, and her grandfather!).
Korina's Godmother, Marie, won the Puppy Pool, being the only one to guess that there would be 6 puppies! (So she gets the exclusive bragging rights!!)

Now we need to guess who the father of each puppy is! (A cheek-swab DNA test done at CCI will determine the paternity of each pup!) Please enter your guess in the Guestbook below!

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About CCI's Korina
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Preparing for
Korina's 1st Litter
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The "H's" Birthday
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The H Puppies "PUpDates"
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The First 2-Weeks
(Page 4)
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Graduation 2/9/02
(Page 5)
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Pictures and Movies from Weeks 3 and 4
(Page 6)
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Pictures from
Weeks 5 and 6
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Pictures from
Weeks 7 and 8
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