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paw_black.jpg - 1036 Bytes Being a CCI Breeder Caretaker is a special job --
where we are working to raise miracles, more than one at a time! paw_black.jpg - 1036 Bytes

CCI trains its' Breeder Caretakers with "Breeder Seminars" held twice at year at the Northwest Training Center in Santa Rosa. These trainings cover a variety of topics and skills, and are presented by Esther Molina, Breeder Coordinator, Dr. Ruth Daniels, Breeder Veteranarian, and the CCI Breeder Council.

MWeek4BS1sm.jpg - 18193 BytesAt the front: Esther Molina, Dr. Ruth Daniels, Alba and Emily Williams

The "Breeders Digest" is the CCI Breeder Caretaker newsletter that shares articles and experiences related to the Breeder Caretaker community. (Coming soon to the web)

paws_up.jpg - 784 Bytes Most Breeder Caretakers will agree to two things:
  1. Be as prepared as you can be
  2. Remember every dog (and every litter) is different
  3. In addition most also will tell you to:

  4. Know your dog
  5. Trust your instincts

Beyond that, nearly every Breeder Caretaker has their own ideas and experiences of what works best for them when whelping and raising puppies for 8 weeks, every idea is worth sharing and so that other BC's can try it and see if it works for them. So please post your ideas to the Yahoo Breeders list, or send an email to Robyn to have it posted here.

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Share Your Ideas and Experiences with Other Breeder Caretakers

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Breeder Caretaker Ideas That Worked for Korina

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes CCI Important Phone Numbers List

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes CCI Manual Check Lists (a work in progress)

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes The CCI Puppy Naming Process

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Critical Periods in Puppy Development

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Please share your ideas and suggestions!!

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Breeder Web Links

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Canine Pregnancy Calendar

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes What to Expect When You Are Expecting Puppies

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Caring for the Newborns and Their Mother, Jennifer Prince, DVM

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes How to Vaccinate Drs Foster and Smith Inc.

paw_black_sm.jpg - 689 Bytes Parvo FAQs
(The best way to deal with the risk of Parvo is to prevent it! Make sure visitors wash their hands with antibacterial soap or wipes, remove or disinfect their shoes with bleach, and make sure they have not visited other puppies the same day!)

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