Strategic Growth Council-Parcel Data Collection, Standardization, and Policy Recommendations


This project will provide recommendations for new policies for development protocols and sharing of parcel data between local, regional and state entities.  Recommendations will also include consistent land use attributes, which will reduce data collection and compilation costs for the development of regional plans and better land use and transportation plans, key objectives of the Council.  Having a consistent, verifiable statewide parcel data set (same categories, same methods), will allow for comparable and equitable determinations by cities and counties that are trying to meet regional targets, i.e. city's share of regional GHG reduction targets identified by the ARB.  Consistent parcel data will reduce transaction costs (time and labor) and improve accessibility to the parcel data by cities, other counties, regional and state entities. 
Consistent parcel data will improve scenarios for local, regional and state plans and projects when used with various existing modeling tools, i.e. iPlaces, UPlan, Urban Footprint, etc.  Parcel data, as legally allowed, will be available free of charge to all eligible program participants and state agencies.

Project Start Date: January 1, 2011

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