San Joaquin Valley Blueprint

In collaboration with eight San Joaquin Valley Councils of Government (COG) and the Great Valley Center (GVC), the Information Center for the Environment will supply data, modeling tools and modeling support to the collaborative eight county views of current conditions and future alternatives. These pieces will contribute to the valley-wide view,or a blueprint. "The blueprint that should emerge is one that will suggest how to foster more efficient land use patterns, which support improved mobility and reduce dependency on single-occupant vehicle trips; accommodate an adequate supply of housing for all incomes; reduce impacts on valuable habitat, productive farmland and air quality; increases resource use efficiency and results in safe and vibrant neighborhoods." Additional goals are to create ways to Provide consumers more housing and transportation choices; improve economic competitiveness and quality of life for California; for transportation projects, reduce costs and construction times.

Project Start Date: January 20, 2007

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Dataset: Geospatial