Highway 99 Corridor Study

The Highway 99 Corridor Study (also known as CalTrans Task Order #35) is a Land Use/Land Cover Map of the Highway 99 Corridor from San Joaquin to Kern Counties, using Caltrans DHIPP True Color Digital Orthophography.

In order to support future environmental analysis of potential transportation project impacts on the Highway 99 corridor from the southern edge of Sacramento County to the junction with Interstate 5, south of Bakersfield, this project maps landuse/landcover within the +/- 600-800 meter highway buffer covered by the California Department of Transportation's Digital Highway Inventory Photography Program (DHIPP). DHIPP is true color orthorectified digital imagery with a ~1-ft pixel resolution.

Urban land use is mapped using the USGS Anderson Level 2 classification. Agricultural land use is mapped using the closest Wildlife Habitat Relationship classification, using ancillary data from the California Department of Conservation's Farmland Mapping & Monitoring Program and the Department of Water Resource's agricultural water use maps. Natural vegetation is mapped using the National Vegetation Classification System and the Department of Fish and Game's Manual of California Vegetation classification system.

This project uses the following technologies: Digital Highway Inventory Photography Program (DHIPP) imagery, Heads-up on-screen polygon delineation using air photo interpretation, and species distribution modeling.

Project Start Date: January 20, 2007

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