Elkhorn Slough Early Mitigation Partnership

The Elkhorn Slough Early Mitigation Partnership is a Caltrans-sponsored interagency effort to provide early mitigation for a series of future transportation improvement projects within the Elkhorn Slough Watershed. This project seeks to help address regional scale conservation in a manner that also can help facilitate project delivery by developing a process for identifying funding strategies and implementing conservation agreements earlier than would be possible through existing traditional channels. The Information Center for the Environment at the University of California will assist Caltrans in supporting the Elkhorn Slough Early Mitigation Partnership (ESEMP) by helping to coordinate and facilitate the Interagency Steering Committee, assisting with compiling and editing Steering Committee documents, and providing strategic Geographical Information System (GIS) data to the Interagency Steering Committee.

Project Start Date: August 10, 2006

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