California Drinking Water Source Assessment Program

The California Drinking Water Source Assessment Program (DWSAP) was developed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to provide information to communities that wish to develop local programs to protect their sources of drinking water. ICE has been contracted with CDPH since 1999 to provide a wide range of technical services in support of this program, including the development of a statewide, standardized protocol to GPS all drinking water sources and treatment facilities in the state, training of CDPH and local government staff to implement this protocol, and the development of several software applications to faciliate this mapping effort and the assessment of vulnerability of each drinking water source.

As part of a second contract with CDPH, ICE will continue its support of the DWSAP program, develop technical specifications for a more efficient and reliable sytem of data tranfer between local governments and CDPH, develop a web-based system to provide public access to drinking water source assessments, and develop a new integrated, enterprise system for CDPH to manage all water-related databases.

Project Start Date: January 20, 1999

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