Assessment of Regional Integrated Models

The Caltrans Division of Research and Innovation (DRI) has awarded the University of California funding for a comparative study of new urban integrated Land Use/Transportation Models. Principal investigators of this study, Mike McCoy and Robert Johnston, are responsible to explore a new generation of regional urban integrated land use/transportation models and to share information about them with major MPOs in California. Some of the initial steps in this study include: Conducting a thorough review of the literature of all such models, Inventorying land use models currently in use throughout California, Engaging a technical advisory committee (TAC) and a Caltrans management committee to provide oversight and guidance. The TAC consists of representatives from MPOs plus appropriate Caltrans District modeling staff. Committee members review our development of background materials on the current generation of urban integrated land use/transportation models, and will advise us on the development of workshops for each MPO. Each workshop will focus on the needs of the individual host MPO and its member jurisdictions. UC Davis, with the advice of the TAC, will develop a final report for Caltrans that will recommend the types of models that would be most advantageous for Caltrans and the MPOs and possible next steps for further testing and deployment of such models.

Project Start Date: January 20, 2005
Project End Date: June 30, 2007

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