UCDavis Extension, Common Ground: Center for Cooperative Solutions

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UC Davis Extension
1333 Research Park Drive

Davis, CA 95616

Phone: (530) 757-8777
Fax: (530) 757-8558

For more than 10 years, Common Ground has been a leader in providing collaborative services through facilitation, mediation, negotiation and training. Our services are broad: we help government entities, agencies, private sector organizations, nonprofits, and communities come together and work out solutions to public policy issues including land use, water quality, health, education, and transportation. We offer customized, distinctive collaborative and resolution services to meet your organization's needs. In addition, we offer conflict resolution courses ranging from Beginning Mediation and Facilitation through Advanced Practitioner Training. Through it all, our goal is to set the standard for providing collaborative services and training by one of the country's top public universities.