Geo298: Advanced Computing in Geography


Spatial Technologies Seminar Advanced Computing in Geography GEO 298, Fall 2007 CRN #56951, 2 Units 1137 PES (GIS Teaching Lab) Mondays 4-7pm Prerequisites: 1 Geographic Information System course, and one computer programming course or equivalent experience. (Space may be available for an experienced undergraduate by instructor consent) Course Description: A review of modern GIS tools through hands on GIS, GPS and Web development in a team programming environment. Possible topics include cartography tools, ArcGIS extensions, GPS processing, Geo-Statistics and web mapping applications from a programming environment perspective. Tools likely to be included based on student interest are Python, GDAL, PostGIS, ArcGIS, VB .Net, AJAX, XML, R-Project, GRASS, QGIS, GML, KML, and spatial SQL. Please contact the course coordinator if you have any questions. Course Coordinator: Alex Mandel Course Sponsor: Professor Jim Quinn