ICE provides technical assistance to the Great Valley Center in producing the Economic Indicators Report for 1999 to 2004


The Information Center for the Environment (ICE) at the University of California, Davis provided technical assistance to the Great Valley Center (GVC or in the recent publication of "The State of the Great Central Valley: Assessing the Region Via Indicators: The Economy." A group of ICE employees headed by Nathaniel Roth and including input from Michael McCoy, Dr. Joshua Viers, and Joshua Johnson provided mapping assistance to GVC staff members. Nathaniel Roth also produced the centerfold map for the report with input from GVC and ICE staff members.
The report has received attention from many news outlets and is prompting statewide discussion regarding the economic status of California's Central Valley. A continuously updated list of news articles concerning the report can be found on the GVC's "In the News" web page.