OSGeo Live new Version 4, "Barcelona"


In collaboration with the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo), ICE graduate student researcher Alex Mandel is proud to annouce the availability of OSGeo Live, version 4 "Barcelona".  The new release includes many new applications, updated documentation, tutorials and a common dataset of the Barcelona area derived from free sources.  Along with the latest release a 25 minute video presentation describing 42 of the geospatial applications available for use can be viewed online or downloaded.


OSGeo Live is a collection of Free and Open Source geospatial software configured to run from a DVD, USB or Virtual Machine with no installation.  It's based on the Xubuntu Linux operating system, which is a community developed system in worldwide use and works great for laptops, desktops and servers.  Over 42 Free and Open Source geospatial applications have been installed and pre-configured for use including sample data and basic instructions to get a new user started.


At the FOSS4G 2010 conference in Barcelona over 800+ copies were given to the attendees of the conference.  Some possible uses for OSGeo Live include in the classroom, workshops, demonstrations, and testing of new software.  Because the hardware requirements are few, it will run on most modern computers including netbooks.


For more information or to download a copy visit the project homepage at http://live.osgeo.org.


The project is also currently soliciting volunteers to help translate the documentation into over 20 languages for the release of the next version in spring 2011.


Alex Mandel is a student in the Geography Graduate Group. His research is design and programming of free and open source geospatial software, participatory GIS, web cartography and education course development that keeps up with innovation in computers and software.