ICEr's Give the MU Renovations a Thumb's UP

Back in March 2010, an announcement was made that if a tour of the MU renovations was desired, it could be granted.  Well, many an ICEr is a fan of the MU so a group signed up and we received a personal tour of the MU renovations.  Our Coffee House friend and Super Supervisor, Darin Schluep (seen in the Bagel Bar photo with Jackie) showed us the inner workings of the gutted eatery.  We even got to wear hardhats!!

What we once knew as the MU is now completely gone, walls were torn down, steel reinforcements were erected, gas, water and drain pipes were covered up as construction workers moved about the large open space.  The construction crew was busy in the background preparing ceiling spaces for HVAC equipment, hoods for the TexMex Grill and air conditioning for those blazing hot summer days.  Even the cooking areas we never got to see before, were stripped of their equipment and opened up.

Jackie Bjorkman, Rob Coman, Ryan Boynton,  Kelly Torres and  Nate Roth were treated to the visual of what's to come.  Some of those highlights are: the area that was an outside eating area (near the old Bagel Bar) will now be indoors with a large oval island serving as the Bakery (containing specialty coffee, smoothies, fruit and the baked goods we love so much), new seating around the perimeter of the room, a pasta bar (with healthy/whole grain options) and the Pho Bar will return with the addition of a sushi section.

The TexMex Grill will be in the same spot because it still has the ventilation required to run an operation such as TexMex. However, the counter is now angled in the corner with a lot of space around it to dilute the customer crowds waiting for their meals. 

The MU Renovation Planning Team has done an exceptional job of adhering to LEED standards.  They have actually received the Silver Seal of certification, an honor usually bestowed to brand new structures, not renovations.  The completion date for this renovation is Fall 2010 and we're going to sign up for another tour in August.  So be on the look out for another private tour invitation soon.



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