ICE Personnel Publish in Landscape Ecology journal


James Thorne, Ryan Boynton and fellow ESP and Plant Sciences colleagues Fraser Shilling and Alison Berry, publish in the Landscape Ecology Journal.  Their publication, Fragmentation of China's landscape by roads and urban areas, came out in February.  It is a collaborative study  with Taian Li, Fengmin Li, and Heidi Schott that takes a look at how roads, railways, and urban development are disconnecting China's landscape and suggest that the evaluation of ecological fragmentation be integrated into future road system planning.

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Additionally, this project has been accepted for presentation at the 2010 ESRI International User Conference.  Ryan Boynton  will give a 15-20 minute lecture titled Measuring the Fragmentation of China's Landscape Using Effective Mesh Size.  The conference takes place from July 12th through the 16th in San Diego, California. 

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Legend for the map:  a=FG1, b-FG2, c=FG3