What's new with UPlan?


Besides trying out new logo's, UPlan has various tasks in progress and is looking towards the future. 

Some of those are:

Improved Redevelopment:  steps are underway that will build on the Fresno model for redevelopment.  This includes two additional datasets that have population and employment density in areas available for redevelopment.  This model should calculate the number of displaced residents and employees, and reintroduce them as a portion of a second run.

Combined User Interface:  There will be one user interface that gives direct control to all aspetcs of the model.  This avoids having to exit out of model setup to add a data layer that might be needed or adjust land uses.

Some tasks in the planning stages are:

The 4D Calculator:  This is a tool for predicting the effects of land use changes on VMT.  A set of elasticities derived by Fehr & Peers and a processing method being developed by SACOG will be implemented into UPlan.

Potential Future Directions include:

Monte Carlo Simulation:  Use the net attraction as a utility surface in a logit choice model or as a simple (pseudo) probability surface for development.

Intrigued?  Read more in the attached PDF file.