San Joaquin Valley's Future Growth gets a B+


On April 1, 2009 the San Joaquin Valley Policy Council voted to adopt Scenario B+ as the policy scenario that will guide the San Joaquin Valley's future growth. This scenario will guide the Valley's local land use planning jurisdictions as they update their general plans. Growth within the San Joaquin Valley that follows this broad scenario will result in new residential growth that is more than 50% denser than recent growth trends. With local implementation, these policies will result in reduced impacts to the region's economy, environmental health, vehicle use, and natural resources.

The San Joaquin Valley Policy Council consists of two elected officials from each of the eight counties in the San Joaquin Valley. The Policy Council considered four regional scenarios presented by Nathaniel Roth of the Information Center for the Environment (ICE), UC Davis and Barbara Steck, Blueprint Regional Manager, Council of Fresno County Governments at a Policy Board meeting hosted by the Council of Fresno County Governments in Fresno, Ca.

Scenario B+

(Included based on direction from the San Joaquin Policy Council in December, 2008) Reflects the land use assumptions of Scenario B and provides more transportation infrastructure that cross county boundaries. Average dwelling units per acre for new residential development = 6.8.

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