California Data Exchange Center (CDEC)

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Caleb Cheng
California Department of Water Resources, and over 140 other agencies

With the cooperation of over 140 other agencies, utilizing over 8510 sensors in 1103 data stations, the CDEC provides real-time, forecast, as well as historical hydrologic data. This data includes water discharge in rivers, water storage in reservoirs, precipitation accumulation, and water content in snow pack, primarily focus in flood management. However, the data is also helpful for determining general water availability and natural supply trend.

Although manaual measurements began in 1932, some data for certain hydraulic features predated 1932. The internet database was developed in 1996.

The CDEC is linked to the California Cooperative Snow Survey, which is an inter-agency unit that studies snow data in California.

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1932-01-01 - 2007-01-01
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Tables and plotted graphs

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