Inyo County Geographic Information System (GIS)

County of Inyo
Inyo County California

The Inyo County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) web page is concurrently referred to as the Inyo County Parcel Viewer. This site allows you to access online interactive maps for Inyo County. You can use the Parcel Viewer to look up specific addresses, a particular person or company; you can do a broad search for a general area or a search for an exact parcel. The parcel Viewer offers three sections: Inyo County Parcel Viewer, Inyo County Viewer Buffer Application and Inyo County Custom Map application. By accessing Inyo County Parcel Viewer you can find a parcel and display map and information about it. When entering the Inyo County Parcel Viewer Buffer Application you may pick a parcel or find all parcels within a given distance and create a buffer zone of your choice. Inyo County Custom Map Application lets you create your own map with the layers they provide, allowing you to utilize as little or as much information as desired.

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Aerial photos, GIS

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Inyo County