This is a collaborative website for ESP 179: Environmental Impact Analysis, taught by Jim Quinn of Department of Environmental Science and Policy, UCDavis. All content is copyright of their respective authors, and licensed under the Creative Commons.

Prerequisite: upper division standing; Biological Sciences 1A; one course from the following: course 1, 10, 110, Environmental Toxicology 10, or Environmental and Resource Sciences 100. Methods of analysis used in environmental impact reporting. Emphasis on effective writing; review and management of impact reports in the context of rational democratic planning systems.--III. (III.) Quinn

Online Data Resources of California

This website is being started as part of a class project for ESP 179, Environmental Impact Analysis at the University of California, Davis. With an entire class participating, this website can become an invaluable resource to California's research community.

The objective is to build a catalog of online data resources as well as case studies of outcomes from various environmental impact reports. In general, all online datasets should relate back to the environment in some way, and we are purposefully keeping this definition broad so many related datasets and websites can be included. The inclusion process will be somewhat subjective, and we may choose not to include certain sites or types of datasets. There will be various methods of categorizing the resources added, and we may be experimenting with new methods also.

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