ICE is an environmental information brokerage and research laboratory in the Department of Environmental Science & Policy at the University of California, Davis, under the direction of Academic Director Jim Quinn and Managing Director Karen Beardsley. ICE specializes in the development and dissemination of geospatial data and technologies; the development of robust data architectures dedicated to the cataloging of global environmental information; and the creation of decision support systems geared toward improving the capabilities of resource managers in a variety of sectors.

ICE Feature Article

ICE collaborates with The Atlantic journalist James Fallows

Over the past several months, employees at the Information Center for the Environment (ICE), in the Department of Environmental Science & Policy at UC Davis, in collaboration with the California Strategic Growth Council, and noted journalist for The Atlantic magazine, James Fallows have been working on a storymap to help better tell the story of the recently update buisness plan for the California High Speed Rail (HSR). 
This storymap is a featured part of James Fallow's July 9th blog post for The Atlantic, 'The California High-Speed Rail Debate--Kicking Things off.'
This collaboration grew out of a conversation between ICE's retired co-founder (and now Executive Director of the California Strategic Growth Council) Mike McCoy and ESRI founder Jack Dangermond while Mr. Dangermond was visiting UC Davis. Over the past year, in fits and starts, ICE assisted Mike McCoy on a largely volunteer basis with assembling the data needed to paint a geographic picture of the HSR's recently updated buisness plan. 
Through this process, it has become clear that the HSR is much more than just the construction of high speed rail. It is a major reinvestment in passenger rail that spans the state making substantial investments in many local and regional rail transit systems.
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